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Coerver Coaching

Coerver® Coaching is a global football coaching programme inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.

A football skills teaching method suited for all ages but especially for players aged 5-16 years old of all abilities and their parents, coaches and teachers
A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play; Endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations including: French Football Federation, Football Federation of Australia, Chinese Football Association, Japanese Football Association, Bayern Munich FC, Newcastle United FC, Arsenal FC

The ultimate goal of the Coerver® Coaching Method is to: Develop skilled, confident and creative players; Make the game fun to practice and play; Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all; Value winning but not more than character and performance; Provide a safe & educational experience that meets best practice criteria.


Improve Your Game: Coerver Coaching 3 DVD Set

Coerver Coaching: Improve Your Game This three DVD set of soccer training drills is meant to be used by players, parents, and friends of the game of soccer. Coerver Coaching has become well known for developing coaching training programs, this program can be used by players, parents, and of course coaches. This program reflects what is taught at Coerver Coaching soccer camps, enabling players to polish their skills year round. You have to use your skills year round to keep them fresh and sharp. Coaches can use this program to help individual players with skills on the field or at home. What will you and your player learn? The foundation of the DVD program is the Self-Improvement Pyramid. This Pyramid consists of 3 levels: SKILL, STRENGTH and STAMINA. 1. SKILL
  • 20 Home Assignments and 6 Variations of ground juggling skills and moves players can practice by themselves or with the help of parents or team mates. They include ground juggling exercises along with COERVER COACHING PYRAMID OF MOVES’, Changes of Direction, Stops & Starts and Feints.
  • 11 Group Skill Assignments and their 12 Variations incorporating Stops and Starts and Feints. Designed for practice and competition with friends or team mates and useful for coaches at team practices.
  • 13 Warm up stretches
  • 13 Speed drills and 7 Variations with partners and small groups.
  • 22 Stamina/Skill Drills and 6 Variations with partners and small groups.
3. SCIENCE This disk is different from the others in that it’s one that parents must watch. You’ll learn about:
  • The overweight epidemic in developed countries that’s affecting even among young children.
  • The beginnings of hardening of arteries that’s affecting children as young as 15
  • Why proper hydration is so important when working out.
  • How warm ups and stretches prevent injuries and promote top performance.
  • How to correctly take your pulse and measure your recovery rates.
  • How diet is important in combating disease and promoting fitness.
  • The value of organic fruits and vegetables and the role nutrients play.
  • Why you should avoid sugary drinks and cereals.
  • The link between reduction of weight, diabetes and the way to fitness, good health and well
This DVD set is a great investment in the future and skills of your young soccer player. Don’t delay!
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