Managing a football team is never an easy task. There are actually a lot of tasks that a football manager has to perform. Aside from taking care of the athletes and their training, he/she also needs to ensure that the whole team qualifies in prestigious and highly acclaimed football leagues.

Apart from that, a manager needs to analyse the performance of his/her team as well as the competitors so that he/she can develop a smart defensive strategy against other teams. Since there are a lot of tasks to be done, a football team manager should possess the right combination of skills and attitude so that he/she can do all his tasks with excellence.

Forsport are proud to offer an extensive library of items which can ease any managers duties wether its planning for training or during matches.


Magnets 15 mm – Pack of 26 (colours may vary)

Magnets for tactical strategies for use on all dry-wipe magnetic tactic boards. Inside the pack there are twenty six 15 mm magnets including the following colours: 11 one colour 11 second colour 3 Black (officials) 1 White (ball)   For our complete range of tactic boards please enter “tactic board” into the Quick Code search bar located at the top at this page.
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