Soccer Fitness

Football is a unique game. It requires a wide range of specific fitness elements for a player to be successful. A match typically lasts 90 minutes at senior level and 60 minutes a junior level which requires a high level of stamina and endurance. Players also need to be strong, powerful, quick, to turn, jump, tackle and shoot, and to be able to make decisions, both individually and tactically within an ever-changing, fast moving environment. Football requires a range of different levels of fitness in all areas as opposed to requiring one specific area of fitness.

Whilst players also need a number of other skills to be successful such as skill, technique, mental strength and talent, fitness has an very big influence on them all. Without fitness, individuals and the team will always fail, despite having an abundance of the other attributes required to be successful.

This section of the website provides a collection of DVDs and books to help you work, train and develop on your personal and squads fitness levels.


Masterclass Fitness Set Volumes 1 & 2

Proven agility ladder exercises as used at many of the top soccer pro clubs in the football league by Roberto Forzoni, holder of the FA Fitness Intrsuctors Award. Covers agility, coordination, speed, balance, skill, fast footwork. Great value and highly recommended soccer coaching resource. PLEASE NOTE: The Forsport Masterclass Collection Series has been digitally remastered with updated covers..

View an excerpt from this DVD

View an excerpt from this DVD

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