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Sport Science

Sport science is the application of scientific principles to help improve sports performance. This branch of science has grown dramatically in the last 20 years and has resulted in a greater understanding of the demands of elite sport.

Some of the information obtained from the systematic study of sport has been included in coaching material and coaching qualifications, however many coaches and athletes have specific questions or individual problems.

This section covers a number of different areas of sports science in the form of DVD’s and books. However the qualified sport scientist is, potentially, a useful resource that the coach and athlete can use, to help address issues that may arise in their sport. This may take the form of a basic discussion with a sport scientist, through to an in-depth analysis of the athlete in the laboratory setting.


Focused for Soccer – Bill Beswick

Step onto the pitch focused, confident, and positive. Walk off a winner. In the first edition of Focused for Soccer, internationally renowned coach Bill Beswick uncovered the power of sport psychology for soccer players and coaches worldwide. Now completely revised and updated, this new edition cements its status as the essential guide for mastering soccer’s mental game. Focused for Soccer emphasizes playing first with the head, then with the heart, developing decision-making skills, and keeping emotional responses in check. The practical tips, examples from top Premier League teams, and step-by-step techniques will help sharpen your skills and unleash your potential. All aspects of the mental game are covered—from concentration and visualization techniques to building mental toughness and team cohesion. Featuring the latest coaching strategies for male and female players, match preparation, and communication, Focused for Soccer is your complete guide to a winning attitude and soccer success. Chapter 1. The Power of Attitude: Developing a Winning Mind-Set Chapter 2. Player Attitude: Assessment and Profiling Chapter 3. Confidence: Building Self Belief in Players and Teams Chapter 4. Self-Control: Discipline of Thought and Emotion Chapter 5. Concentration: Direction and Intensity of Attention Chapter 6. Visualization: Picturing Success Chapter 7. Mental Toughness: Disciplined Thinking, Disciplined Action Chapter 8. Competitiveness: Becoming a Match-Day Warrior Chapter 9. Communication: Sharing Information Effectively Chapter 10. Role Definition: Team Tasks and Responsibilities Chapter 11. Cohesion: Building a a Coordinated Team Chapter 12. Coaching: Creating the Future
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