Sport Science

Sport science is the application of scientific principles to help improve sports performance. This branch of science has grown dramatically in the last 20 years and has resulted in a greater understanding of the demands of elite sport.

Some of the information obtained from the systematic study of sport has been included in coaching material and coaching qualifications, however many coaches and athletes have specific questions or individual problems.

This section covers a number of different areas of sports science in the form of DVD’s and books. However the qualified sport scientist is, potentially, a useful resource that the coach and athlete can use, to help address issues that may arise in their sport. This may take the form of a basic discussion with a sport scientist, through to an in-depth analysis of the athlete in the laboratory setting.


Developing Powerful Athletes Book

Power is recognised as an important component of performance in many sports such as Rugby, Athletics, Basketball and Soccer. Many other sports are also recognising that is at least as important as other components of performance,if not more important. Modern coaches in most sports need to be aware of the possible performance gains to be made from power development.   PLEASE NOTE: THE BOOK NORMALLY COMES ACCOMPANIED WITH A VIDEO, WHICH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
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