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Success in Soccer

Success in Soccer combines the latest information on techniques and tactics from Germany’s top soccer coaches with input from respected coaches from other countries, providing critical training support for soccer players at all levels — from youth leagues all the way up to national teams. With proper education, coaches can help their players develop the skills and instincts necessary to play an attractive, attacking style.

Success in Soccer shows how to improve a team’s game, with practical tips on specific subjects, including: how to organize interesting and effective practice sessions, how to teach techniques and tactics the right way, new tactics coaches can use in play and practice, how to improve coaching and motivation, what you can learn from professional coaches, and much more. All articles include lots of diagrams and photos.


SIS Total Goalkeeping DVD: Success in Soccer

Total Goalkeeping DVD: Building Blocks for Individual Training DVD This DVD is designed to be an introduction to the basics of goalkeeper training, from the ground. As you will see, goalkeepers can practice many of the exercises either with a partner or alone. After all, not every keeper has a goalkeeper coach.
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