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Football is ever changing no matter the age group. Players are quicker, stronger and more creative. Teams work harder, cover more distance and face more challenges than ever before.

As the game gets quicker, the role of the coach can never be underestimated. Coaches are essential for teaching and developing players at every level of football. To give their players the best advantage, coaches must be aware of the latest techniques and philosophies involved in coaching the game.

Forsport are pleased to offer an extensive range of Football Coaching Books which concentrate on tactics.

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Developing a Style of Play ebook

Whether you want to play long ball, counter attack or possession,Developing a Style of Play shows you how to build a style of play for any formation based on the core principles of soccer

Finally, it’s here! A book that shows you how to play whatever style you want! Instead of a set series of drills, formations and playing styles, Developing a Style of Play focuses on training your team in the core principles of soccer. Discover how to play any formation you want better and more effectively with this flexible and modern guide to coaching.

  Dear Coach, There’s no shortage of soccer coaching books to choose from. But the problem is that they all focus on one specific formation of system of play, with drills and exercises restricted to playing that system. The drawback of this approach is that it ignores the game’s randomness. There are too many variables and situations that can occur on the pitch which your players will be ill prepared for if their training is focused on one set formation. To counter this problem, you need to train your players in the fundamental principles of soccer, which are applicable whether you want to play long-ball, counter attacking or a tika taka style. Developing a Style of Play: Using the core principles of soccer to build your style of play is a unique soccer coaching book that’s focused on coaching your team in the core principles of soccer, rather than a specific formation. This approach provides you with the framework for building a style of play for any system you want to use. What’s more, grounding your players in the game’s core principles will lead to faster decision making and better reactions no matter what your opposition decides to do. Developing-a-style-of-play-sidexside-500 Whether you want to play long ball, possession or any other system. Developing a Style of Playshows you how to prepare your team with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of soccer and trained to perform at a higher level.
BishopI found Jordi Pascual’s “Developing a Style of Play” very informative and clear for the advanced football coach, his clear definitions and explanations in everyday language makes it easy for coaches looking to develop a style of play and how to integrate their philosophy and training methods into a ” Developing a Style of Play “.At our club we are currently implementing and defining the same style of play and it is important for us to have a clear pathway as to how we are going about it, this book has helped me to break it down into clearer principles to implement for our Academy coaches. With the structure of building and setting out a coaches sessions and training it makes it clearer on how to do this and more importantly why we do it. I strongly recommend “Developing a style of Play ” as it will make all the principles very clear for you.”  Shawn Bishop – Head of Development / Academy at Mamelodi Sundowns FC , UEFA A licensed and Brazilian A licensed Coach , currently working in conjunction with the Johan Cruyff Foundation in implementing a Philosophy and Structure within the Academy at Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

“Discover how to play any system you want based on the core principles of soccer, rather than be glued to playing one specific formation” What sets Developing a Style of Play apart from other coaching books is that it focuses on enriching your understanding of the fundamentals of soccer, rather than one specific formation. This means you can develop a playing style that’s highly adaptable, responsive and based on core principles, which will enable your players to react more intelligently to any situation. Whether you want to play fast passing, possession or long-ball, Developing a Style of Playprovides you with a complete blueprint to playing the way you want. It provides you with answers to all the key questions you will have when deciding on a formation, such as how you want to channel the ball from the back, how to react defensively and whether to play through the middle or up the channels. So you can make more informed judgments based on the players you have available and how they can work in a chosen system. Developing-a-style-of-play-cover-500

Packed with an extensive collection of training exercises, Developing a Style of Play will enable you to create a team that’s better prepared and trained for match day, whatever formation you want to play.

“Expertly written by a Spanish coach with firsthand experience of how Spanish soccer has evolved over the last two decades”
Jordi Pascual had a brief playing career as a goalkeeper before swiftly jumping into coaching. Pascual developed his coaching knowledge during the reign of Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona “Dream Team” during the early 1990s when they were regarded as one of the best teams in the world. From this passionate support for his local Catalan team, Pascual developed a rich appreciation for a possession and fast paced passing style of soccer.Pascual During his coaching career, Pascual has worked for the Catalan FA with U-11 and U-14, along with managing many amateur and semi-professional sides. In 2000 he moved to Andorra where he was Assistant Coach of the U-19 and U-17 National teams and manager of FS La Massana in the Andorran second division. Pascual has also worked with U-12 and U-14 for several years. Pascual holds UEFA “B” and UEFA “A” licenses, together with a “Monitor Course” (similar level to UEFA “C”) awarded by the Catalan FA. He also holds a Degree and Masters in Management of Clubs attained at a private coaching school in Barcelona. Pascual is also the author of the best selling book, Coaching Spanish Soccer.
  What’s covered in Developing a Style of Play Developing a Style of Play runs through all the elements you have to consider when developing a formation This includes the key principles of soccer, how to adjust for different transitions in a game and an extensive collection of drills for training based on the game’s key principles, rather than a specific formation. Style Developing a Style of Play starts by covering the factors to consider when choosing how you want your team to play, such as the skill set of your players and how they can fit into the style you wish to adopt. This includes what to consider when deciding on a passing style, how quickly you can realistically move the ball and how you’d want to respond to different stages of the game. This chapter also looks at how your players will move in transitions with detailed diagrams of where each position needs to be in each transition. Principles The key to playing faster is better decision making. This chapter looks at all the key principles of soccer and what your players will need to do at any moment in a game. This includes key principles of ball possession, of offensive mobility and of finishing in attack, and the principles of fast reactions for recovery, aggressive pressing zones and compacting opposition attackers when in defense. These principles are all core to the game of soccer, which means an enriched understanding can help to improve your team’s reactions and performance whatever formation you choose to play. Attack This chapter looks at the stages of an attack, and the roles and responsibilities of your players in each stage. This covers from getting into position and after the kickoff, where to look for 2v1 opportunities to move the ball up the wings and positional play to create space. It also answers key questions on creating an attacking playing style, such as where to start the buildup, whether midfielders should track back for the ball and whether to attack through the center or flanks. Defense When you lose the ball your players must change their attitude. This chapter looks at the key principles of pressuring opposing players, how to create lines to prevent long passes and how to close space. What’s more, this chapter covers how to defend as a block, by pressing the wings and forcing play backwards. It also answers key defensive questions, such as how many players to keep behind the ball, whether to play zonal defense or man marking and who should follow the outside players of the opposing team. Training The second half of Developing a Style of Play focuses on how to plan sessions and how to develop a training plan. What makes this book different is that training sessions are focused on the core principles of soccer, rather than playing a specific formation. What’s more, it provides a highly flexible timetable for planning three sessions a week according to the areas you want to improve, rather than a specific timetable for the whole season.

What you will gain from Developing a Style of Play There’s no shortage of soccer coaching books out there. But they nearly always focus on one specific formation or style of play. If you want to only play long balls, tiki taka style passing or possession, then there’s a book that will show you how. But if you want to take a more flexible approach to soccer, you need a book that trains your players in the core principles, which are applicable whatever formation you’re playing. Developing a Style of Play is unique in that it shows you how to build a style of play for any formation or system. The lessons can be applied to any situation, which means the insights in this book will enhance your understanding of the core fundamentals throughout soccer. From Developing a Style of Play you will gain:
  • A deeper understanding of how to prepare your team for any opposing formation or action
  • How to decide on an appropriate style of play based on your players and how they can fit into your idea
  • What questions to ask of the structure you want to play
  • How to encourage faster decision making by preparing your players in how to respond to whatever the opposition does
  • How to prepare your team to know what to do at any moment in a game
  • A thorough understanding of the core principles of soccer, including the principles of possession, of offensive mobility, of finishing and of transitions.
  • How to add predictability to your attacks, so players know where to play the ball to get it to the front line
  • An overview of what to consider on the style of attack you want to play
  • How to train your players in the changed attitude they need to adopt when the ball is lost and what to do to get it back
  • How to defend with whole team as a block to force the play backwards
  • What to consider when deciding on a defensive strategy
  • How to plan training sessions based on coaching the core principles of soccer, rather than a specific technical skill
  • An extensive range of exercises and drills, including passing, dribbling, grids, creating space, marking and shielding/support
Whether you coach junior teams, recreational sides or elite professionals, Developing a Style of Play offers a unique addition to your coaching library. The broadened understanding it will provide you with on the core principles of soccer will enable you to enhance your team’s understanding of the game and their performance, whatever formation you want to play.
Lemieux“Developing a Style of Play helped me when I started with a new group of players.  I was able to organize and get across my master plan of our style of play to the team using the steps provided in this book.  The book is a great toolbox for the coach who wants to put his vision and ideas into a concrete concept. The author brings his own experience and shows how to be a better and more well-prepared coach.” – Dany Lemieux – Canadian Soccer Association Provincial B License, U13 All Stars Quebec’s regional team head coach, U12 Laurentien soccer premiere girls head coach

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. Developing a Style of Play unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Developing a Style of Play after six months of implementing its small-sided games and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund. WCC-DevStylePlay-GuaranteeBox “Why coach your players in specific formations when you can create a team with the mindset to play any formation you want” In today’s modern game it pays to be flexible. The complexity of the game makes it impossible to prepare and be ready for any circumstance. But you can at least improve your chances when your players have a deeper understanding of the game’s fundamental principles, rather than highly drilled in one specific formation. Developing a Style of Play is a book focused on the fundamental principles of soccer, and how they apply to any formation. Through outlining what your players need to do in any given situation, what to consider when deciding on a style of play and the core principles of every stage of the game, Developing a Style of Play provides you with a customizable blueprint for training a team to play the way you want. When you focus too much on one formation you risk your players becoming frozen or confused when the unexpected happens. But through training them in the key principles outlined inDeveloping a Style of Play you can avoid this happening and build a team that’s better prepared, more aware and more responsive, whatever formation you want to play. Best Wishes, Mike Saif President P.S.  Developing a Style of Play is a unique coaching book focused on training your players in the fundamentals of soccer, rather than a specific formation. This approach enables you to develop your own system of play and equip your players with the mindset to respond quicker to situations, and not be glued to the playing mechanics of one specific formation. P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources inDeveloping a Style of Play after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.
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