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Football is ever changing no matter the age group. Players are quicker, stronger and more creative. Teams work harder, cover more distance and face more challenges than ever before.

As the game gets quicker, the role of the coach can never be underestimated. Coaches are essential for teaching and developing players at every level of football. To give their players the best advantage, coaches must be aware of the latest techniques and philosophies involved in coaching the game.

Forsport are pleased to offer an extensive range of Football Coaching Books which concentrate on tactics.

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Modern Soccer Tactics

Calling all tactical coaches! TheModern Soccer Tactics series is packed with tactical insights on how the elite teams in the EPL, La Liga and Champions League play that will expand and enrich your coaching knowledge


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Amazing! If you want to develop a better understanding of the tactics and strategies of the world’s greatest club sides then look no further. The two book Modern Soccer Tactics series is packed with over 220 pages of insights on how the great club sides, like Barcelona, Manchester United and Arsenal, manage to dominate teams. In addition, these books feature an array of drills and exercise so you can train your team to emulate some of the world’s elite clubs and players

Dear Coach, Europe is the birthplace of soccer and its teams have some of the most skillful players and most advanced tactics in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to discover how you can emulate these great sides, now is your chance. Modern Soccer Tactics is a two book series focused on the formations, tactics and mindsets of many of Europe’s greatest players and teams, along with practical methods to teach them. This includes how Real Madrid were transformed by Jose Mourino into La Liga Champions, howArsenal trains its players to recognize and react quicker to game situations and how fullbacks, like Roberto Carlos, have developed into part of a team’s attack. Utilizing screenshots of actual games and clear explanations, Modern Soccer Tactics provides you with a wealth of insights you can use to improve your coaching knowledge, along with practical exercises you can use to improve the performance of your players on the training pitch. If you want to learn from Europe’s greatest players and teams, these books are the perfect addition to your coaching library.
“Over The last 20 Years I have been fortunate to travel to most European countries watching many pro clubs and their academy teams play and train. The most successful teams concentrate not only on technical skills but also on recognising the tactical play of their opponents and adapting to them. These two books by Stevie Grieve are a must for any coach looking to further their tactical awareness. Understanding the patterns of play, formation of the opponents, and being able to coach players to “play your way” are musts for any coach wishing to get the desired results at any level.” –  Barry Walmsley, CEO Travel & Play

“Two volumes with over 220 pages packed with drills and exercises to train your team to play like the elite sides in Europe” Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 are born from the thirst for knowledge to know how the elite level teams play, and how the tactics they use are effective in game situations. The analysis with coaching idea’s should help the reader understand how the elite teams play, and why they use certain types of tactical ploys to win, and give ways to help implement the same philosophies into their training sessions; exploiting overlaps, playing tiki-taka or how to play against a team like Barcelona. This mindset of analyzing how one formation can beat another was a big influence on Grieve’s decision to write Modern Soccer Tactics. The two book series provides a blueprint for coaches to analyze and utilize the best tactics of some of the elite teams playing in Europe. Whether it’s discovering how to adapt Arsenal’s familiar patterns of play, Manchester United’sability to score from corners or developing the flair and pace of Real Madrid, both books in theModern Soccer Tactics series provide you with a masterclass in how you can adopt European match winning tactics.

“Gain insights from a coach with a track record of developing players in three countries”            
Stevie Grieve started coaching at the young age of 16 with Perth Youth Futsal in his native country of Scotland. During his tenure he was instrumental in producing players for the Elite U14, U15 and U16 teams, which all went on to win domestic and international tournaments. Eager to further develop his coaching experience, Grieve took the bold step of establishing his own youth team, the Letham Tangerines. Again, his coaching methods successfully produced players for various Elite Youth Academy Team every season. Grieve’s reputation as an excellent technical coach grew while with the Tangerines, accumulating an impressive 14-1-1 record, ending the season as league winners and double cup winners, finishing runners up in the 3rd cup final on penalties. Grieve would then spend six months coaching in New Jersey, USA, at three different travel soccer clubs before moving back to Scotland to coach at Dundee. He spent two seasons at Dundee as the U17 coach before moving to Raith Rovers then East Fife, where he was employed both times as a talent scout and youth coach. Grieve then made the move abroad to Intersoccer in Switzerland, where he continues to work today as a youth coach and coach development consultant. In his current role Grieve helps to develop the structure for educating coaches in how to put the right skills in the right order to accelerate skills acquisition.    He is now the head coach of, the Swiss team FC Gland 3. A core part of Grieve’s coaching philosophy is that coaches must help players to understand why they make certain decisions while in possession and to show coaches innovative ways of maintaining and stimulating players’ interest beyond traditional drills and exercise. This approach has helped to develop over 20 players that have been selected by professional youth soccer academies. Grieve has written various books, including Modern Soccer Tactics 1 & 2, Winning Soccer Tactics, and has passed various coaching courses, including a FIFA Advanced Futsal Diploma, Scottish FA ‘B’ Licence for Youths Coaching and has recently passed his Scottish FA ‘A’ Licence for Children’s Coaching.
What’s covered in Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 The two volumes of Modern Soccer Tactics both feature collections of articles analyzing the playing styles, formations, tactics and mindsets of leading teams and players in the EPL, La Liga and Champions League. Utilizing actual screenshots of games, detailed diagrams and clear explanations, Modern Soccer Tactics provides valuable insights you can use to improve your own team’s performance. Volume I The first book in Modern Soccer Tactics starts by looking at how Jose Mourinho has developed Real Madrid into a solid defensive team that also plays with flair, pace and accuracy in attack. Grieve analyses the role of Angel Di Maria in the side, with screenshots of real games, before providing drills for improving the penetration and creativity of your attackers. Other topics covered in this volume include:
  • The emergence of ‘flying’ fullbacks since the 1994 World Cup into attack minded players, like Roberto Carlos and Cafu
  • The strengths and weaknesses of zonal or man marking when defending corners, with examples taken from the 1998 World Cup match between Brazil and France
  • How Manchester United were punished against Basle by failing to stop crosses.
  • Why one error can be catastrophic when defending in numbers, as demonstrated by the Champions League game between Basle and Bayern Munich
  • How to train your players in the importance of knowing where, when and why to run after a pass, as demonstrated by Robinho in Serie ‘A’ and Andres Iniesta in La Liga
  • The patterns of play utilized by Arsenal to put players in familiar situations, honed and developed on the practice ground, and exemplified by the performances of Robin Van Persie
  In addition, volume I of Modern Soccer Tactics provides numerous drills and exercises, such as sessions for defensive screening, frontal and behind pressing, defending with intensity, recovering from an overload and training to create more width in attack. Author, Stevie Grieve explaining a tactical point Volume II The second book in the Modern Soccer Tactics series opens by looking at why the unpredictability of Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero makes them such devastating attackers forManchester City. Grieve then provides sessions for using the back heel around the box. Other topics in volume II of Modern Soccer Tactics include:
  • How to use the ‘man in the hole’ to advance the attack, as demonstrated in an EPL game between Manchester United and Everton, along with training exercises for developing players for that position through improving their timing of runs, passing and communication
  • An analysis of how Real Madrid defeated Barcelona at their home, the Nou Camp, which includes looking at the Real Madrid system and how they countered Barcelona’s game plan. The book then provides exercises for coaching counter attacking scenarios based on Barcelona’s pattern of play
  • A look at how Juventus went 34 games unbeaten in the recent Serie A season, with an analysis of their attacking threats, how they retain possession and their choice of formation.
  • How Manchester City used the overlap to create space and to launch counter attacks in their victory over local rivals Manchester United
  Volume II also includes drills and exercises for improving 2v1 scenarios, breaking down a compact midfield, how to build attacks from the target man, training diagonal runs and how to create space through small sided games.

What you will gain from Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 If you want to develop your tactical understanding of how some of Europe’s greatest players and teams perform then look no further. Both volumes of Modern Soccer Tactics are packed with insights you can harness to develop your coaching knowledge, improve your players’ tactical awareness and to improve their performance by emulating the approaches of Europe’s elite sides. From Modern Soccer Tactics you will gain:
  • An analysis of the tactics used by professional teams and players playing in the EPL, La Liga and Champions League
  • A clearer understanding of European playing styles due to the wealth of demonstrative screenshots from real games and diagrams with clear explanations
  • An enriched tactical knowledge of how the elite European sides play and how you can adopt their tactics to improve your team’s performance
  • Soccer drills and exercises you can use to develop ‘the man in the hole’, to develop wingers that exploit narrow defenses, recovering from an overload and much more
  • Your players will enjoy the challenge of practicing drills that will train them to emulate the tactics and playing styles of their soccer idols playing in Europe, like Sergio Aguero, Robin Van Persie and Andres Iniesta.
  The EPL, La Liga and Champions League are home to some of the most exciting soccer in the world. Coaches everywhere are desperate to emulate the tactics and playing styles of these elite sites. Whether you coach youth teams or elite players, the Modern Soccer Tactics series can enrich your coaching knowledge and improve your team’s ability to emulate some of Europe’s greatest teams and players.
“Stevie Grieve has found a novel way to deeply analyze and display the modern tactics used by the best players at the best professional clubs in the world. I gained an appreciation of the high level thinking players must use to find success against equally motivated, skillful and tactically minded opponents. Through a combination of images captured from actual games–annotated to identify the players and their actions, insightful introductory narratives and step-by-step commentary that reveals player tactical thinking, I became a tactically thinking participant in the greatest games of the near past. No, doubt; soccer coaching enthusiasts will really enjoy this book.” – Bill Arrandale, Lee’s Summit North High School coach

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering you Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 after six months then please contact us for a no quibbles refund. “If you want to learn from the best, you can’t go wrong in using Europe’s top clubs as your blueprint” The Modern Soccer Tactics series is born from the author’s approach of adopting the playing styles and tactics of the world’s elite teams to improve those of your own, even when coaching amateur sides. If you want your team to emulate the fluid attacking pace of Real Madrid, the use of an overlap like Manchester City or to develop ‘flying’ fullbacks like Roberto Carlos, you can find out how in Modern Soccer Tactics. Using some of the EPL, La Liga and Champions League’s elite teams and players as its blueprint, Modern Soccer Tactics shows you why their playing styles are so successful and how you can train your team to emulate them. Packed with screenshots of real games, tactical analysis and drills you can use on the training pitch to develop elite players, the Modern Soccer Tactics series will enrich your coaching knowledge and will be a valuable addition to your coaching library. Best Wishes, Mike Saif President P.S. Modern Soccer Tactics is a two volume series that provides an analysis of the tactics used by elite teams and players in the EPL, La Liga and in the Champions League. Utilizing actual screenshots of games and clear explanations, Modern Soccer Tactics Vol 1&2 is packed with over 220 pages of valuable insights and soccer drills you can use to improve your coaching knowledge and the quality of your coaching sessions. P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Modern Soccer Tactics after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.    
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