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World Class Coaching produce some of the best resources available for the world’s most innovative soccer coaches. Whilst US based, WCC access some of the best managers and coaches in world football, and bring you a variety of resources to hep improve your sessions.
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“Free eBook Smedley’s Soccer Drills”

Keeping players motivated is never easy. They get bored fast, particularly if you’re setting up the same drills they’ve done before. So it’s vital to have fresh drills each and every week to keep enthusiasm high and to create challenging sessions that create big improvements. Smedley’s Drills contains 70 new and fresh innovative soccer drills…enough to last you an entire season and keep your players interested…and best of all, it’s FREE!

  • Dribbling drills, passing drills, shooting drills, defending drills, etc.
  • Drills for in and around the penalty area
  • Goalkeeping drills
  • Drills for overlapping, combination play and possession play
  • Small-sided games for all kinds of topics
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