Forsport Shipping Details



a) Returns may only be made with the prior agreement of the Customer Services Manager and written notice giving the reason for the return must be sent to the Customer Services Manager. The Seller will not accept any Goods sent back by the Buyer that have not been duly authorised.

b) Returns will not be accepted or processed without a returns note number which will be supplied by Forsport’s Service Manager Tel 020 8658 2007.

c) Returns must be sent to Forsport,31 Meadow Way, Farnborough Park, Orpington, BR6 8LN, and must be made through the carrier nominated from time to time by Forsport, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Seller.

d) Goods incorrectly supplied must be returned in the same condition and packing as they left the Sellers depot. Any breach in this condition may result in credit being refused or reduced.

e) All Goods supplied to the Seller correctly to the Buyers order and subsequently returned, are liable to handling charge of 20% of the value of goods.

f) Any goods returned and agreed to be defective will be replaced wherever possible. In and out of stock situation credit will be issued at the same price paid by the Buyer for those Goods.

g) Goods cannot be returned for credit through Agents of the Company. The Buyers shall have no rights to require the Company to take back and give credit for goods correctly supplied to the Buyer. The Company may in special circumstances and at its sole absolute discretion accept back and give credit for Goods.

h) Non-Defective Goods
Such goods will only be accepted for return or collection after prior authorisation from the Customer Service Department. All such requests may be made by telephone, letter or facsimile. Requests must state the goods and reasons for return. All authorised returns must be made available for collection or return in a saleable condition. The Company reserves the right to levy a charge of 20% of the trade value of the goods.

i) Defective Goods
The same procedure must be adopted as for non-defective Goods. The Company ask that goods in this category be in a suitable condition for its carrier to collect or for return by the Buyer. The Company cannot be held responsible for lost returns not previously authorised by the Customer Service Department. (Faulty Goods are replaced where possible and the Company may in special circumstances and at its sole discretion accept back and give credit for goods).

Non-delivery must be reported initially by telephone within 3 DAYS of invoice date and confirmation in writing within 8 DAYS of invoice date. Shortage or damaged goods must be reported initially by telephone within 24 HOURS of receipt and confirmed in writing within 2 DAYS of receipt.

Claims otherwise made cannot be accepted by the Company or the carrier.


a) All goods dispatched by any special service requested by the Buyer are subject to a surcharge in addition to which the Seller reserves the right to pass on any supplementary charges incurred in arranging supplementary delivery through its normal carriers at the Buyers request. Details are available through the Sales Office of the Seller.

b) Carriage in respect of rejects, clearance or obsolete lines or special price goods will be charged to the Buyer whatever the value of the order.


a) An order placed by the Buyer on a Seller and accepted by the Seller is a firm contract and no changes to quantity, size or colour will be accepted by the Seller after the date of acceptance of the order or signing of the order.

b) While the Seller will make every effort to deliver on the due dates, the Seller will not accept the cancellation of an order due to late delivery until 8 weeks after the end of the month due for delivery.


a) The Seller reserves the right to refuse to supply Goods in accordance with an order made by the Buyer if the Buyer is a new customer of the Seller until two satisfactory trade references have been received by the Seller and the account of the Buyer with the Seller has been approved and opened.

b) Payment of an order accepted by the Seller, prior to an account for the Buyer with the Seller having been approved and opened is due on delivery of the Goods.

6. Each of the above Conditions is independent and stands on its own. Should any Clause be shown to be inapplicable, none of the other clauses shall be invalidated or affected in any way.

7. Any contract between the Company and the Buyer is governed by English law.

8. While every effort has been taken to ensure that the information in the price list is accurate the Company cannot accept responsibility for any alteration to designs, colourways or specifications relating to these products.