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Masterclass Drills Vol 1 – Individual Skills DVD


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Studies have shown that soccer players tend to cover less distance and work at lower intensities during the second half of games than during the first half. The logical interpretation of these findings is that fatigue is limiting the players and that if they were fitter they would perform more effectively in the latter stages of their matches.

Product Description:
Roberto Forzoni and Terry Westley present this very practical DVD based on soccer drills used at both FA soccer Academy & School of Excellence, but equally adaptable for all levels of the football games. This DVD consists of around 45 individual soccer skills drills.

Chapters on the DVD include:
• Drills for foot speed and quickness.
• Drills for lateral movement.
• Combining movements.
• Speed and change of direction.
• Developing explosive movements.
• Drills for coordination.

This DVD is also available to purchase in a special offer bundle. Please call 0208 658 2007 for more information.

The Forsport Masterclass Collection Series has been digitally remastered with updated covers.

When other teams performance begins to fall in the last third your players will have a clear advantage - Fitter teams win more games - FACT!


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