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Coaching Soccer 6-10 Year Olds Book


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Book Summary:
This book offers suggestions for planning appropriate for 6-10 year olds. The author spent 9 years coaching at AC Milan and now coaches the 10/11 year olds at inter Milan.

From one of Italy`s foremost youth soccer experts, offers suggestions for planning appropriate practices for players 6-10 years of age. It is an innovative goal-oriented coaching method aimed at developing basic skills while laying the foundation for subsequent learning.

The book is broken down into First, Second, and Third level drills, each with general and specific goals. "Coaching Soccer: 6 To 10 Year Olds by experienced soccer coach Giuliano Rusca is a useful and "user friendly" guide to building motor and teamwork skills in young people.

Yet the involving text quickly gives way to pages and pages of soccer play diagrams, sample drills for lessons, and tables to record athlete's performance. Simply put, Coaching Soccer is a "must-have" for any gym teacher, team coach or volunteer parent charged with the responsibility of teaching this increasingly popular team sport to young people."

Author: Giuliano Rusca is a highly respected soccer coach who has applied his skills for 15 years at the highest levels throughout Italy. He now coaches 10 to 11 year olds at Inter Milan F.C.

Printed: 1999
Pages: 197

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