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The Complete Keeper Book: Success in Soccer


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Book Summary:
A goalkeeper handbook that sets new standards! The Complete Keeper can help you train your goalkeepers in a focused and systematic way. Many coaches are afraid to try goalkeeper training because they think they are not qualified - but this book will tell you everything you need to know. Teach your goalkeepers age-appropriate techniques and tactics step by step, right from the start. This book starts off with the major techniques and tactical concepts of goalkeeper training, and thenshows you exactly what you need to teach your players at every age level.

It has more than 240 clearly illustrated exercises and practice games which provide virtually infinite variations for effective youth goalkeeper training.

205 pages.

Peter Greiber has worked for 1st Cologne since 1995; he's been in charge of soccer goalkeeper training for the youth division since 1998. He is a trained sports instructor and holds an "A" licence.

Robert Freis is also a trained sports instrutor and holder of "A"license. He has worked as a youth coach in Cologne for 3 years.

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