Agility - Cones

Agility cones are the perfect piece of equipment to help develop your agility and co-ordination skills. We have a great selection here at Forsport and they come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

No matter the age group or ability with have a number of different options that will suit your training session.

All Forsport agility cones sets are brightly coloured perfect for evening training, extremely flexible and durable, and come with carry cases, ideal for transporting to and from training sessions.

We also offer fantastic unique bundle discounts to help those on a tight budget. Visit the coaching packs section of our website for more information.


Forsport Premier fluo/hi-viz marker cones with notch

Forsport Premier Marker cones are made in Italy from high quality material that should last you for years – These are the best quality cones on the market. Suitable for grid markers and hurdle supports. Set of 48 (orange and yellow), includes cone holder and carry case.
  • Hi-Viz
  • Long-lasting
  • 48 in set (24 yellow/24 orange)
At Forsport we pride ourselves on providing the best quality training equipment as used on todays Premiership training grounds, we follow this up with a super fast delivery service allowing you more time to coach and structure the teams performance.  
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