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The Soccer Coaching Hand Book


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Book Summary:
This manual is full of detailed ideas, theories and suggestions; it will be of real value for anyone actively coaching or seriously interested in improving their standard of football coaching whether from school leagues to professional division clubs.

The author has created a unique training course concentrating on close control and ball movement; the keys to touch play. Included is a detailed week by week fitness programme and structured training schedule. Clear diagrams accompany each new game-plan and are designed to be reproduced on the training field. Coaching exercises covered include speeding up reaction times; one-touch play; three-point defence systems; attacking runs from deep positions and improvising in set pieces.

Topics covered include:

Speeding up reaction times.
One-touch play and when to use it.
Three-point defense systems.
Team priorities as defined in areas of play.
Attacking runs from deep postitions.
Improvising in set pieces.

With extensive coaching experience in Eastern Europe and England, Martin Bidzinski has seen how much of today's coaching has been dominated by two-touch formats and physical strength for the running game.

Too Often, coaches do not consider the best way to find and perfect each player's skills and to this end, Bidzinski presents here a unique course to train for success concentrating on close ball control and movement.

Printed: 1996
Pages: 224