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This book is the result of the author's almost 20 years of teaching experience covering all age groups and playing categories. It has been written for all those engaged in teaching football, those who are learning the game and those who are striving to achieve peak performances.

The book comprises a theoretical section which contains all the teams relating to practice as well as a didactic-methodical section with a comprehensive range of progressive exercise and training forms bearing direct relevance to the game.

The book attempts to show that exercise and training do not have to be robot-like drill providing no pleasure at all but instead that the players can really enjoy and obtain the anticipated fulfilment from tha game when engaged in the exercises and training he has been called upon to carry out.

Enjoyment of the game must be the driving force both during the learning process as well as during training so that open-mindedness and the will to cooperate can guarantee rapid success with both to instruction and learning.

The book reveals new ways leading towards playing football well. It orientates itself to the players and the spirit of the game.

From 1948 to 1951, Karl-Heinz Heddergott studied at the German College of Physical Education in cologne and studied English parallel to this university. Within the scope of studying sport he successfully concluded a football teaching course under the supervision of Sepp Herberger.

He began his career as a coach in 1950 with the Rhineland Football Association for which he was active as both association and club coach. In 1954, he switched to the West German Association, worked two years in Westphalia and after acting as an assistant to national coachHerberger for six months, he was appointed by the Central Rhine Football Association to take charge of instruction work.

In April 1967, the German Football association appointed him to take over a range of duties. He is for instance, responible for the junior and schoolboy selects, the methodical organisation in schoolboy selects, the methodical organisation in school football as well as instructing and examining of coaches. He was asked to join the teaching staff of the FIFA back in 1965.

Printed: 1976