Concept 4 Soccer

Concept4Soccer is a Professional Technical Coaching Programme being implemented at grass roots & senior level following its huge success within Professional clubs.

Established in 2009, C4S has established a ‘Global reputation as an outstanding Professional Technical Coaching Programme”. Our programme comes highly recommended and is endorsed by top Players, Coaches and Managers alike.

We continue to develop players in our Worldwide Training Centres whilst maintaining the highest standards set out by our Coaches.

Forsport are pleased to offer this six Part DVD set which includes Mastering the First Touch DVD, Turning and Shielding DVD, Dominate the 1v1 DVD and Finishing on Goal DVDs.


C4S-6: 1 on 1 Technique to Skill: Gwynne Berry Concept 4 Soccer International DVDs

A Players first contact with the ball is decisive. Developing a feel for the ball with all surfaces of the feet is the starting point for young players. Confidence is developed through a structures teaching format that will allow players to master first touch. Concept 4 Football is a professional technical coaching programme designed for youth football players by Gwynne Berry. This programme has been successfully developed with Premier League elite academy players and is now being delivered worldwide. This DVD is also available to purchase in a special offer bundle. Please call 0208 658 2007 for more information.

Alan Pardew endorses Concept4

West Ham”s Tony Carr endorses Concept4

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