Forsport DVDs

Forsport are pleased to introduce their very own DVD collection called the Masterclass Series.

The Masterclass series is the definative collection of soccer coaching DVDs which covers every essential area of soccer coaching: Fitness, Agility, Passing and Goalkeeping to name just a few.

The Masterclass series forms a complete coaching resource which developes understanding in a clear and structured manner.

Complied by leading names in the world of soccer coaching the series explains the methods and reasoning a soccer coach would need to become a successful coach.


Soccer Goalkeeping set DVD vols 1, 2 & 3

The third installment of the most eagerly awaited goalkeeping DVD. This set of DVDs follows the format of Alex Welsh”s hugely successful Goalkeeping Handbook and contains over 160 technical and tactical goalkeeping practices. DVD Vol 3 Contains the following: • Session 9 – dealing with crosses • Session 10 – distribution • Session 11 – the back pass • Session 12 – goalkeeper fitness All demonstrations are done by professional goalkeepers. This series is a must for any serious goalkeeper coach or coaches who want to provide their goalkeepers with a number of drills which can be used during training sessions and warm ups. This DVD is also available to purchase in a special offer bundle. Please call 0208 658 2007 for more information. •••••••••••••••••• PLEASE NOTE: The Forsport Masterclass Collection Series has been digitally remastered with updated covers.
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