Managing a football team is never an easy task. There are actually a lot of tasks that a football manager has to perform. Aside from taking care of the athletes and their training, he/she also needs to ensure that the whole team qualifies in prestigious and highly acclaimed football leagues.

Apart from that, a manager needs to analyse the performance of his/her team as well as the competitors so that he/she can develop a smart defensive strategy against other teams. Since there are a lot of tasks to be done, a football team manager should possess the right combination of skills and attitude so that he/she can do all his tasks with excellence.

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Coaching The Coach 2 – Soccer Coach Development through Functional Practices, Phase of Plays and Small Sided Games Book

Book Summary:
Coaching The Coach 2 follows the 2007 release of the number 1 best-selling football coaching book “Coaching The Coach: A Complete Guide How to Coach Soccer Skills Through Drills” which continues to sell thousands of copies worldwide.
Coaching The Coach 2, the long awaited second book, will help you develop even further. This is not just another book with lots of drills, it clearly shows how a coach can progress their practices and build training sessions.
It provides more detailed knowledge in the form of coaching points as well as an understanding of why and how you can utilise them within functional drills, phase of plays and small sided games. This book provides coaching awareness and the realisation of how you can manipulate and adapt practices to coach and improve your players.
Coaching The Coach 2 is written in the same popular easy to read question and answer format but is also much improved with very easy to understand new style 3D diagrams for all the practices.
This book will improve the way you understand, develop and progress: – Functional drills – Phase of Plays – Small Sided Games Coaching The Coach 2 will improve your knowledge, understanding and therefore your coaching.
Richard Seedhouse is a highly respected youth development expert in the UK. He is a UEFA B license holder, JFO Tutor, author of two coaching books and also contributes articles and sessions to and World Class Coaching Magazine.
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