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Warm Ups for Soccer – A Dynamic Approach Book


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Book Summary:
In this long overdue book, Mick Critchell addresses the issue of stretching and warm up practices for soccer. The main focus of the book is to discourage the use of static stretching, and instead offer a variety of dynamic exercises which more closely resemble the movements made in the game, giving the players the preparation they need either pre-game or pre-practice.


Author: Mick Critchell

'I have known Mick for over 20 years and in that time he has always been looking for new and innovative ideas. In this book he explains clearly why we need to change our warm ups, and provides all soccer coaches with a clear routine to follow. The book focuses on the importance of the warm up as means of enhancing soccer movement and moves away from the outmoded idea that the purpose of the warm up is merely to prevent injury.'

Alan Ball, star of England's 1966 World Cup Champion soccer team.

Printed: 2002
Pages: 142